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GIOTalk is a podcast from GIOSTAR Chicago that seeks to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of regenerative medicine. In each episode, GIOSTAR Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Gellis speaks with researchers, physicians, and patients to explore the exciting field of stem cell therapy, along with many other issues that shape the healthcare industry.

Modern medicine is evolving at an unprecedented speed. GIOSTAR Chicago is committed to offering our audience an honest, insightful discussion about the issues shaping healthcare today.

GIOTalk is also available on Spotify and Google Play.


Episode 4: What's In Your "Healthy Brain Toolbox?" (Part 2)

Episode Summary In the second segment of this 2-part episode, Dr. Gellis continues his discussion on functional medicine with best-selling author, professor, and neurologist Dr. Kenneth Sharlin. Sharlin dives deeper into "The 5 […]

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Episode 4: What's In Your "Healthy Brain Toolbox?" (Part 1)

 Episode Summary Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis collectively represent the leading cause of disability in the United States. Conventional medical treatment has largely taken a disjointed approach to this […]

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Episode 3: Where Does the Physician Fit In Today’s Healthcare Equation?

Episode Summary In the latest GIOTalk episode, Dr. Gellis speaks with Dr. Jonathan Maks, Doctor of Internal Medicine and Regional Medical Director of AMITA Health Medical Group (AHMG). They discuss […]

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Episode 1: For the Love of the Game

Episode Summary In the debut episode of GIOTalk, Arnie Costell speaks with Dr. Gellis about stem cells: the GIOSTAR Chicago team and facilities, how regenerative medicine helped him better manage the symptoms […]

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Episode 2: Notes from the Forefront of Regenerative Medicine (Part 1)

Episode Summary This installment of GIOTalk features a helpful overview of Dr. Anand Srivastava‘s ground-breaking discoveries in the field of stem cell research, along with his views on the future of […]

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Episode 2: Notes from the Forefront of Regenerative Medicine (Part 2)

 Episode Summary Dr. Gellis continues his insightful discussion with Dr. Anand Srivastava about the ever-evolving landscape of regenerative medicine.  About Our Guest GIOSTAR was founded with the goal of […]

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