Episode 4: What’s In Your “Healthy Brain Toolbox?” (Part 2)

Dr. Kenneth Sharlin | Functional Medicine Specialist

Episode Summary

In the second segment of this 2-part episode, Dr. Gellis continues his discussion on functional medicine with best-selling author, professor, and neurologist Dr. Kenneth Sharlin. Sharlin dives deeper into “The 5 R’s,” neuroplasticity, oxidative stress, and numerous other topics covered in his best selling book The Healthy Brain Toolbox, as well as the groundbreaking Brain Tune Up! program.

Questions include:

  • The book talks about “The 5 R’s” approach, which emphasizes proper dietary habits to reduce the inflammation associated with many autoimmune disorders. Could you tell us more about the importance of nutrition in your approach to functional medicine?
  • Neuroplasticity is a fancy buzzword that gets thrown around a lot these days. Could you tell our listeners more about this, and how it figures into the Brain Tune Up program?
  • What is your interest in the use of stem cells for the treatment of neurological diseases such as ALS and MS? Do you think there may also be application toward bipolar disorder and other psychiatric conditions? 
  • In your Brain Tune Up Program, what are you doing differently than other neurologists that help patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?

About Our Guest

Ken Sharlin, M.D., M.P.H., IFMCP, is a board-certified neurologist, consultant, functional medicine practitioner, Assistant Clinical Professor, researcher, author, and speaker. His medical degrees are from Emory University, University of Virginia, and Vanderbilt University. His functional medicine certification is through The Institute for Functional Medicine. 

He is author of the #1 best-seller The Healthy Brain Toolbox: Neurologist-Proven Strategies to Improve Memory Loss and Protect Your Aging Brain. His most recent publication, Reversal of Cognitive Decline: 100 Patients, can be found in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer’s & Parkinsonism. Additionally, Dr. Sharlin has been the primary investigator in several pharma-sponsored clinical trials that have helped bring new therapeutics to market. 

Dr. Sharlin practices general neurology, and directs his functional medicine program, Brain Tune Up!, in Ozark, Missouri.

Written by GIOSTAR Chicago

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