Effectiveness and Results

How Quickly Can You See Results After the Regenerative Cell Treatment?

The short answer is that results can typically be seen, felt, or sensed within 1 to 7 days after the treatment. The full depth of results should be realized within 12 months after the third treatment.

Does Your Stem Cell Treatment Have Any Side Effects?

As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved in regenerative cell treatment. Please understand, however, that we use autologous regenerative cells in treatment. This type of treatment has no known negative side effects.

How Many Regenerative Cell Treatments Will I Need?

The standard protocol involves 3 procedures, each spaced roughly 48 hours apart. With this scheduling, patients can expect to receive a full round of treatments within 7 days. However, as this is highly personalized medicine, each protocol is tailored to the specific individual. Our clinical team will work with you to determine the optimal therapeutic regimen for your specific condition.

In most cases, 3 treatments are sufficient. Some patients return after 12 months for a “booster” treatment, or annually, due to their desire to sustain the symptom relief that they have experienced. It is a personal choice and a team effort in your healing.

We would be honored to take the journey with you, and commit to halting the progress of your disease and rolling back your symptoms.

What Side Effects or Complications Has GIOSTAR Observed From These Treatments?

Regenerative cell treatment utilizing the properly isolated and administered autologous regenerative cells has no known side effects. Some patients may, however, temporarily feel flu-like symptoms as their immune system flushes out cellular debris created during the rejuvenation process. 


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