Harnessing Healing – Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Chicago, IL

Harnessing Healing – Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Chicago, IL

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When you’re in pain, the best way to alleviate your discomfort for good is through healing the root cause of your problem—this is where stem cell therapy steps in. Stem cells have generated a great deal of scientific excitement in recent years because of their ability to differentiate, renew, and help with pain management. Your body stores stem cells that host strong regenerative properties; these specialized cells can be used to get to the root of your pain and repair damaged tissue inside your body. Everything from your muscle cells to the nerves in your brain can recuperate through proper stem cell therapy.

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At GIOSTAR, we believe in the power of science, and we are pioneers in stem cell therapy.

Dr. Anand Srivastava, our Chief Scientific Officer, Chairman, and Co-Founder, has conducted research in the field of stem cell therapy for over a quarter century. His expertise and guidance regarding stem cell research and regulations are globally renowned and acknowledged by various organizations and governments across the world; including in the United States.

GIOSTAR is a leader in developing the most advanced stem cell technology. Our goal is to help you enjoy relief from your pain through viable alternatives to surgery so you can resume playing your favorite sport and conducting your daily activities with ease.

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Stem cell therapy near me is a viable option to help alleviate your chronic and consistent pain. Whether you were hurt playing sports, or your joints are aching due to aging-related factors, stem cell therapy may be able to provide you with the relief you’re looking for.

At GIOSTAR, we use the latest scientific approaches so you get the high-quality treatment you deserve. We understand that when it comes to your body you want nothing but the best. That’s why our medical staff uses only the most up-to-date stem cell treatment techniques to help you alleviate your discomfort.

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Stem cells have the unique ability to turn into other cells. They’re able to divide themselves in the area where your body needs help most. Your adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s)—or somatic stem cells— are very effective at working like building blocks for your body. When used the right way, stem cells can be used to get to the root of your pain and thoroughly heal your body so your pain doesn’t keep returning.

Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes the power of your own body to help you grow stronger, fight inflammation, and recover from debilitating disorders. When you walk into our stem cell therapy clinic in the prestigious North Shore suburbs of Chicago, IL, our staff will first conduct a thorough medical examination so they gain a better understanding of your health condition. Once stem cell treatment is deemed a good fit for you, our staff will go ahead with harvesting your adult stem cells in accordance with medical best practices, and then perform the treatment protocol suitable to your condition.

When you feel constant pain and discomfort, a lot of the time, this pain is caused by internal inflammation or an internal injury. Stem cells are able to tackle the source of your pain and regenerate the cells in that area so the inflammation is reduced and you can enjoy a pain-free life of peace and comfort again—without having to turn to more invasive options such as expensive surgeries and heavy medications that cause strenuous side effects.

Far too often, patients unnecessarily resort to expensive surgeries and take medicine such as NSAIDS out of desperation, only to suffer extreme side effects; such as stomach bleeding. In other cases, they develop a dependency on heavy painkillers which can be detrimental to their liver in the long run. Opting for stem cell therapy can help you avoid these complications.

The cost of stem cell therapy varies, and depends on each individual patient. Generally, the more sessions you recieve, the more benefit your body can gain from these regenerative stem cells. Your medical history and health goals will play a role in determining how many sessions you need. Our medical experts can give you an assessment and advise you on the optimal number of sessions you should undergo to get the most benefit from the process.
Stem cell therapy recovery also varies based on the patient’s current health and medical history. In most cases, you’ll be able to return to your daily routine within a couple days of the procedure. Your doctor will let you know what steps you should take to ensure optimal recovery once the session is complete.

In terms of how long it takes for the stem cell therapy to start working, this also varies per patient. However, the more sessions a person receives, the better the results generally are.

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3 Quick Facts About Stem Cells

Stem cells are powerful membrane-bound units that can help enhance your recovery by self-renewing and regenerating functional cells, tissues, cartilage, and other parts of the body. Stem cells actually have the ability to replicate many times unlike the other nerve and blood cells in your body.

Here are three quick facts on stem cells that can help you better understand what they are and how they work.

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Stem cell research has been ongoing for over four decades now. Scientists first discovered how to derive stem cells from organisms back in 1981. Research on the topic has grown substantially from that time and continues to grow because of how promising these regenerative cells are in the field of medicine.
A great deal of research from the National Institutes of Health and other institutions has demonstrated the effectiveness of stem cell therapy in helping to manage numerous chronic diseases. Patients have often reported minimal results from traditional treatment modalities for these ailments, which include psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, and lung disorders.
Some have the misconception that stem cells only come from embryos. These useful cells can in fact also be derived from tissues, bone marrow, fat, and even from the muscles in your body.
Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Chicago, IL
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A Closer Look at the Fascinating Research Behind Our Stem Cell Treatments

At GIOSTAR Chicago, we focus on offering you scientifically backed medical care, which is why we are always researching the application of stem cell therapy.

Led by Dr. Anand Srivastava, our skilled team of researchers has conducted several studies that are published in reputable journals.

Scientists all across the globe have studied stem cell therapy in a significant amount of detail. A 2020 review study published in Stem Cell Investigation revealed that some clinical trials have shown a remarkable impact of stem cell therapy on various diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases. The study concludes that the current progress in the field of stem cell therapy is very promising due to the potent healing ability of these cells.

The Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cells

Another one of our studies published in Stem Cells International looked into the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal cells have the ability to self-renew and modulate immune responses. These cells are an attractive candidate in the treatment of many diseases and injuries. In our review study, we summarize the current data — both clinical and nonclinical — regarding the medical use of MSCs for treating various diseases and assisting in tissue repair.

The Link Between Gene Expression and Cell Differentiation

Our research published in Stem Cells and Development revealed novel findings regarding the believed association of specific gene expression (high Oct-3/4, Nanog, and Sox-2 ONS expression) and the ability of stem cells to differentiate. We conducted a comparative study using pluripotent bone marrow, mesenchymal stem cells as well as embryonic stem cells from mice. Our novel findings were that—despite popular belief—pluripotency, or that ability of stem cells to differentiate, is not necessarily a function of high ONS gene expression.

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If you’ve tried surgeries and medications to ease your pain with no luck, you don’t have to give up! There are alternative therapeutic approaches you can pursue to alleviate your discomfort.  Stem cell therapy may provide you with the relief you were unable to achieve through your other treatments.

We provide stem cell therapy to patients in Glenview, Glencoe, Winnetka, and Lake Forest, but our doors are open to individuals coming in from all areas!

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