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Adult stem cells and progenitor cells (including fibroblasts) are present in the skin, and are characterized by the following

  • function much like “mobile factories” that produce peptides, proteins, growth factors, and other signaling molecules.
  • produce, and then release, these molecules into all layers of the skin to nourish all of the skin cells; this enables other skin cells to
    • function as normal, healthy cells
    • act to modulate immune response, inflammation and pain.
ahsdm factors

What is BAM?

The combination of factors released from the stem cells is called Bio-Active Molecules (BAM); when released from two or more different types of stem cells, is called BAM.

To capture the factors released from adult human stem cells for formulation into a topical product, cells from multiple tissue types are grown in the laboratory. Using very expensive selection technology, the progenitor cells are specifically separated from the other cells.

The separated stem cells are then grown as a separate colony in the laboratory under special conditions, including genetic selection procedures, and stimulated to produce and release their natural complement of peptides, proteins, anti-oxidants, microRNA, and growth factors. At this point, using state-of-the-art separation and collection technologies, the peptides, proteins, and growth factors are collected and then added to a formulation that allows the factors to be bottled and applied to the skin.

Stem Cell Science Behind GIOSTAR Skin Care Products

Stem cells have proven very effective in combating the age-related decline in physiological functions. This encompasses skin-related disorders, which are rooted primarily in inherent inflammatory processes.

Stem cells secrete numerous growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines and numerous other agents (i.e., collagens) and factors improving vascularization to skin and healing of inflammation-injured cells. Also well documented: the regenerating capacity of stem cells.

Application of these products results in reduced inflammation, while healing of dermal and epidermal cells helps maintain/restore the healthy glitter of the skin. 

GIOSTAR | Research

Leveraging these properties of stem cells, GIOSTAR developed an optimal formula of Bio-Active Molecules (BAM). These molecules are for topical use, to heal and rejuvenate damaged and degenerating skin with maximum efficacy. It’s worth noting that the products contain NO CELLS, but only specific molecules released by stem cells.

GIOSTAR’s Position in the Skincare Industry

GIOSTAR continues to innovate and develop groundbreaking therapies for numerous disorders – including those impacting the skin.

We developed an optimal formula of Bio-Active Molecules (BAM), that have proven effective in extensive research studies involving severe conditions such as psoriasis.

Learn more about the remarkable improvements that patients received from a BAM-based skin serum in combatting wrinkles, acne, and other skin disorders.

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