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Proper lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation are critical for anti-aging in general, and specifically for anti-aging of the skin.

Supplementation for healthy skin should include ingestion of micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids for example, but should also include the topical application of nutrients that are both

  1. needed by aging skin
  2. absorbed by, and available to, the layers of the skin

Evidence of aging skin appears in the facial and periorbital area and includes:

  • Wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Eyelid bags
  • Circles around the eye
  • Sagging look

In the periorbital area, cheek descent and hollow tear trough, prolapse of orbital fat, skin laxity and sun damage, and eyelid fluid are the primary causes for the formation of lower eyelid bags.

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GIOSTAR’s Approach to Anti-Aging

GIOSTAR’s study investigated a novel facial serum
derived from adult stem cells that contained
a proprietary mixture of human growth factors,
antioxidants, and cytokines for facial skin
rejuvenation, including periorbital rejuvenation.

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Tear Trough Depression

This is characterized by loss of subcutaneous fat with thinning of the skin over the orbital rim ligaments combined with cheek descent. Orbital fat prolapse is recognized by the characteristic shape of the orbital fat compartments (1).

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Dark Circles Under the Eyelid

This is another cosmetic concern for many
individuals, and is caused primarily by a
combination of melanocytosis or post-
inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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Loss of Skin Elasticity

This is a critical feature of facial and eyelid aging, leading to facial wrinkles including “Crow’s feet,” color and texture changes, and festoon formation. Eyelid fluid accumulation occurs with systemic edema or local edema such as that caused by facial allergy.

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Thinning of Infraorbital Skin and Excessive Vascularity

This makes the subcutaneous blood vessels more visible, and is believed to be the second common primary cause of dark circles (2).
Previous studies indicate that topical application of growth factors is able to diminish the effects associated with aging skin.


Proprietary Technology

The mixture of factors is obtained through a proprietary biotechnology process using combinations of cultured adult stem cells. Most companies incorporate plant stem cells into their product lines. Facial skin – particularly eyelid skin – is the thinnest in the body, of a fragile nature, and extremely important for proper visual functioning. For these reasons, this area of the body is particularly difficult to treat.


GIOSTAR’s Position in the Skincare Industry

GIOSTAR continues to innovate and develop groundbreaking therapies for numerous disorders – including those impacting the skin.

We developed an optimal formula of Bio-Active Molecules (BAM), that have proven effective in extensive research studies involving severe conditions such as psoriasis.

Learn more about the remarkable improvements that patients received from a BAM-based skin serum in combatting wrinkles, acne, and other skin disorders.

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