Dr. Anand Srivastava: Conference Appearances

  1. Srivastava A.S. Invited to chair the session at 8th Annual World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell-Korea at Busan,South Korea. March 2015.
  2. Srivastava A.S. Invited Speaker 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery System at Dubai, UAE. March 2015. 
  3. Srivastava A.S. 4th International Conference on Neurology and Epidemiology at Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, November 2014.
  4. Srivastava A.S. Invited Speaker, 3rd International Conference on Translational Medicine at Las Vegas, USA. November 2014.
  5. Srivastava A.S. 7th Annual Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease at Philadelphia, USA. November 2014.
  6. Srivastava A.S. 4th World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research at Valencia, Spain. June 2014.
  7. Srivastava A.S. Invited Speaker, STEM 2013, 9th Annual Conference on Biotechnology – Focusing On Latest Trend in Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering at Mumbai, India. January 2013
  8. Srivastava A.S. International Conference on Regenerative and Functional Medicine (Regenerative Medicine-2012), San Antonio, USA. November 2012.
  9. Srivastava A.S. 2nd International Congress on Neurology & Epidemiology; Impact of drugs on the natural history of neurological diseases at Nice, France. November 2012.
  10. Srivastava A.S. Invited SpeakerInternational Expo and Conference on Analytrix & HPLC at Chicago, USA. October 2012.
  11. Srivastava A.S. Invited Speaker International Conference on Emerging Cell Therapies (Cell Therapy-2012) at Chicago, USA. October 2012.
  12. Srivastava A.S. Invited Speaker, 6th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research and Development Conference at San Francisco, CA, USA. September 2012
  13. Srivastava A.S. 8th International Congress on Mental Dysfunction & Other Non-Motor Features in Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders at Berlin, Germany. May 2012
  14. Srivastava A.S. International Conference and Exhibition on Neurology & Therapeutics at Las Vegas, USA. May 2012.
  15. Srivastava A.S. Montreal International Biotechnology Forum at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. May 2012.
  16. Srivastava A.S.  Invited Speaker, International Association of Neurorestoratology (IANR) V and 9th Global College Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration (GCNN) conference with the 4th International Spinal Cord Injury Treatment & Trial Symposium (ISCITT), Xi’an City, China. May 2012.
  17. Srivastava A.S. International Forum on the Mediterranean Diet, Ravello – Amalfi Coast, Italy. March 2012
  18. Srivastava A.S. Hong Kong International Stem Cell Forum 2012, Hong Kong. February 2012.
  19. Srivastava A.S. 4th International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy (4th ICDDT 2012) at Dubai, UAE, February 2012.
  20. Srivastava A.S. Evolving Strategies in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation at San Diego, USA. February 2012.
  21. Srivastava A.S. Hebei International Biotechnology Forum; Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China. November 2011.
  22. Srivastava A.S. 3rd International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy. Regenerative Medicine at Dubai, UAE. February 2011.
  23. Srivastava A.S. 3rd Annual Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell-2010 at Shanghai, China. December 2010.
  24. Srivastava A.S. 1st Annual Tetra-Congress of MolMed-Personalized Medicine Congress 2010 at Shanghai, China. November 2010.
  25. Srivastava A.S. International Association of Neurorestoratology(IANR), American Journal of Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration at Beijing, China. October 2010.
  26. Srivastava A.S. EPS Global International Neuroscience Forum at Nha Trang, Vietnam. October 2010.
  27. Srivastava A.S. EPS Global International Neuroscience Forum at Guangzhou, China. September 2010.
  28. Srivastava A.S. 4th Academic Congress of International Chinese Neurosurgical Sciences at Chengdu, China. June 2010.
  29. Srivastava A.S. 1st Annual World Congress of Immunodiseases and Therapy (WCIT 2010) at Beijing, China. May 2010.
  30. Srivastava A.S. 3rd PepCon-2010 – Protein Misfolding and Neurodegeneration at Beijing, China. March 2010
  31. Srivastava A.S. Potential use of ES cells in hematopoietic and neural diseases at City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, California, USA. January, 2009.
  32. Srivastava A.S. Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem cell into erythrocyte and neural precursor cells: Its potential application at Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, December, 2008.
  33. Srivastava A.S. Potential of ES cell in repair of Hematopoietic and neural diseases. International Conference in Stem Cell, Kerala, India. August 2008.
  34. Srivastava A. S., Singh U. and Carrier E. Embryonic stem cell improve colitis and decrease IL-12 levels in the colitis mice. BMRP Fourth Annual Investigator Meeting, Los Angeles, USA. 2006
  35. Carrier E., Shermila Kausal and Srivastava A. S. Gene Regulation During the Erythrocytic Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells. Blood (ASH Meeting), 2005.
  36. Carrier E., Shermila Kausal and Srivastava A. S. Differentiation of Human ES cell into the Hemangioblast. Blood (AHS Meeting), 2005.
  37. Srivastava A.S., Zhongling F., Victor A., Kim H.S. and Carrier E. Repair of Crohn’s disease with embryonic stem cells. Broad Medical Research Program, Third Annual Investigator Meeting at Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2005.
  38. Srivastava A.S., Shenouda S. and Carrier E. Damaged murine brain induces ES cells into migration and proliferation. Blood:104, 779a, 2004.
  39. Srivastava A.S., Shenouda S. and Carrier E. Increased expression of OCT4,SOX2 and FGF4 genes following injection of embryonic stem cell into damaged murine brain. American Society of Gene Therapy, 2004.
  40. Srivastava A.S. and Carrier E.; Distribution and stability of T7 phage in mouse blood and tissues. Molecular Therapy:7, 230, 2003.
  41. Moustafa M., Srivastava A.S., Nedelcu E., Minev B., Carrier E.; Chimerism and tolerance post in utero transplantation with ontogenically different sources of stem cells. 32nd annual meeting of the international society for Experimental Hematology, 31, 274, 2003 (Paris, France).
  42. Steve S., Srivastava A.S. Carrier E.; In vivo survival of hematopoietic stem cell in mouse brain. 11th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Stem cell Transplantation, 89-90, 2003 (San Diego, USA).
  43. Srivastava A.S., Carrier E.; Distribution and stability of T7 phage in mouse. 11th international symposium on recent advances in Stem cell transplantation, 93, 2003 (San Diego, USA).
  44. Elena N., Srivastava A.S., Varki N.M., Assatourian G. and E. Carrier; Embryonic stem cells survive and proliferate after intraperitoneal In utero transplantation and produce teratocarcinomas. Blood:160b, 2002.
  45. Srivastava A.S and E. Carrier; In utero targeting the fetal liver by using T7 phage display system. Blood:489b, 2002.
  46. Srivastava A.S. and E. Carrier; Factor responsible for in vivo neutralization of T7 phage display vector in the blood of mice. Blood:489b, 2002.
  47. Srivastava A.S. and E. Carrier; Distribution and stability of T7 phage in the mouse after intravenous administration. ICCC, Kyoto, JAPAN. (October 2002).
  48. Srivastava A.S., T. Kaido and E. Carrier; Immunological factors that affect the in vivo fate of T7 phage in the mouse. Molecular Therapy:5, 713, 2002.
  49. Srivastava A.S., E. Nedelcu and E. Carrier; Engraftment of murine embryonic stem cells after in utero transplantation. Molecular Therapy:5, 1132, 2003.
  50. M. Rizzi, T. Kaido, M. Gerloni, K. Schuler, A. S. Srivastava, E. Carrier and M. Zanetti; Neonatal T cell immunity by in uteroimmunization. AAI 2002 annual meeting, April 20-24, New Orleans, Experimental Biology 2002 sponsored by 7 FASEB societies.
  51. Srivastava A.S., T. Kaido and E. Carrier; Kinetics of T7 phage neutralization in the blood of normal and immunodeficient mice. Blood:407, 2001.
  52. Hassan S., Jody D., Srivastava A.S., T.H. Lee, M.P. Busch, Carrier E.; Immunity without microchimerism after in utero transplantation of Hematopoietic stem cell. Blood:320, 2001.
  53. Srivastava A.S., Felix Tinkov, T. Friedmann and E. Carrier; Detection of T7 phage in the fetus after Systemic administration to pregnant mice. Molecular Therapy:4, 760, 2001.
  54. Pillai G.R., Srivastava A.S., Hassan S., Carrier E. Differential sensitivity of human lung cancer cell lines to curcumin. 9th Annual International Symposium on Recent Advances in Hematopoietic Stem cell Transplantation. USA. 2001.
  55. Hassan S., Jody D., Srivastava A.S., Carrier E.; The role of I-E molecule on survival rate and tolerance after in uterotransplantation. The 42 ASH meeting, San Francisco, USA. 2000.
  56. Suzuki T., Srivastava A.S., Kurokawa T.; Identification of cDNA encoding two subtypes of vitamin D receptor in flounder, Paralichthys olivaceusMeeting of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, April 2-4, 2000, Tokyo, JAPAN.
  57. Srivastava A.S., Suzuki T., Kurokawa T., Kamimoto M., Nakatsuji T.; GFP expression in pancreas of developing fish embryo under control of Carboxypeptidase A promoter. Plant and Animal Genome-VIII (PAG-VIII), Conference, San Diego, California, USA. January 9-12, 2000.
  58. Srivastava A.S., Suzuki T., Kurokawa T.; Molecular cloning of serine protease cDNAs from pancreas of Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus. Meeting of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, Tokyo, JAPAN. 1999.
  59. Suzuki T., Srivastava A.S., Kurokawa T.; Cloning of FGFRs from flounder embryos, and their expression during axial skeletal development. 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists. JAPAN. 1999.
  60. Suzuki T., Srivastava A.S., Kurokawa T.; Expression of Signal molecules during axial skeleton development in Japanese flounder. Meeting of the Japanese Society of Zoological Science. JAPAN. 1999.
  61. Suzuki N., Suzuki T., Srivastava A.S., Kurokawa T.; cDNA cloning and expression analysis of receptor for calcitonin and calcitonin related peptide from Japanese flounder. Meeting of the Japanese Society of Zoological Science. JAPAN. 1999.
  62. Srivastava A.S., Trigun S.K., Singh S.N.; Purification and kinetics of cytosolic aspartate aminotransferase from liver of air-breathing and non air-breathing fish. National Symposium on Comparative Physiology & Endocrinology, Raipur, INDIA. 1997.
  63. Srivastava A.S., Trigun S.K., Singh S.N.; Cytosolic alanin aminotransferase from air-breathing and non air- breathing fish. Proceedings of the Symposium on Frontier Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, INDIA. 1996.
  64. Srivastava A.S., Trigun S.K., Singh S.N.; Studies on aspartate aminotransferase during reproductive cycle of C. batrachus and L. rohitaProceeding of the 65th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biological Chemists, I.I.Sc., Bangalore, INDIA. 1996.
  65. Srivastava A.S., Singh S.N.; A comparison of cytosolic and mitochondrial aminotransferases in fishes. Proceedings of the 4th Convention of Indian Society of Agricultural Biochemist, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, INDIA. 1995.

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