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Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in the United States, and many people wait to seek treatment until the disease has progressed to a point where it impacts their quality of life.

The team at GIOSTAR Chicago encourage patients to seek treatment early, through regenerative treatments like PRP and stem cell therapy.

If you have chronic hip pain, early intervention can help prevent the development of severe arthritis. Call today or get started online to learn more.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Like any joint in the body, the hip may be predisposed to arthritis, especially if you’ve experienced labral tears or have a history of hip trauma, which may damage the articular cartilage. While a number of injuries or conditions can contribute to hip pain, arthritis is perhaps the most common cause.

How Will A Doctor for Hip Pain Address My Health Concerns?

Traditional medicine offers few solutions when it comes to chronic hip pain. Many physicians resort to hip arthroplasty, or joint replacement, which does offer the potential for symptomatic relief. However, arthroplasty can be costly, includes a painful rehabilitation process, and often requires repeat arthroplasties for the rest of the patient’s life as the hardware erodes.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Treat Hip Pain in Glenview, IL?

The goal at GIOSTAR is to provide patients with nonsurgical alternatives to alleviate the pain associated with hip arthritis and prevent the need for total joint replacement. Regenerative treatments harness your body’s own healing powers and growth factors to repair and regenerate damaged or diseased tissue and promote healing.

As undifferentiated cells, regenerative cells, which also include mesenchymal stem cells, have the ability to develop into many different cell types. Your provider extracts your body’s own regenerative cells and reinjects them either intravenously or directly into the targeted tissue in your hip where they help to regenerate damaged or diseased tissue, relieve pain, and promote healing and restoration of function in your hip.

GIOSTAR patients undergo multi-factorial analysis, aiding their provider in developing a unique and customized protocol to help them enjoy life again and rediscover activities they once cherished.

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What Other Hip Conditions Can Be Treated through the Help of a Hip Pain Doctor?

Aside from hip arthritis, one of the most common disorders of the hip is greater trochanteric bursitis, marked by inflammation and micro-tearing of the tendons involved in externally rotating and extending your hip, as well as directing pain over the lateral hip itself.

To treat this condition, the experts at GIOSTAR use platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which harnesses the growth factors in your blood to reduce inflammation and help the damaged tissue repair itself. Depending on the results of your multi-factorial analysis, your provider may also incorporate physical therapy into your individualized treatment protocol.

The treatment protocols implemented at GIOSTAR are also effective in treating post-traumatic secondary arthritis of the hip.

The GIOSTAR team are eager to help patients who can benefit from these innovative regenerative therapies. If you suffer from hip arthritis after an initial traumatic injury, such as a labral tear, you may be a great candidate for stem cell therapy.

How to Relieve Hip Pain in Chicago, IL?

A hip pain doctor can help you find a therapy that suits your body best. Living with hip pain can make even the easiest daily tasks a difficult undertaking. Whether you’re suffering from hip arthritis or general hip pain, you should seek medical attention to start getting the treatment you need to enjoy a life with more ease. Hip pain is often treated with medication and surgery. These two options have numerous side effects, and are often very expensive. Not only do they come with their own general consequences, but they usually don’t grant patients the long-term pain relief they desire.

If you’re looking for a less invasive solution that can help your body start recovering, you should consider stem cell therapy for hip pain at GIOSTAR Chicago. Our regenerative hip pain treatment focuses on helping your body rejuvenate itself through stem cells, so you can recover by getting to the root of the problem.

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