Slim Drip IV

slim drip IV TherapyWeight loss can be a challenging endeavor, especially when despite your best efforts, you cannot lose those extra pounds! Although proper diet and regular exercise remain the most effective way to lose weight, supplementing with a Slim Drip IV can help to aid in achieving your results.

How Slim Drip IV Therapy Works

This form of IV therapy is formulated with the purpose of aiding weight loss by using a combination of nutrients to stimulate your metabolism. This encourages calorie burning and weight loss, as well as helping with proper digestion. This therapy contains the following essentials for kickstarting your goals.

  • High dose of Carnitine (energizes metabolism)
  • Electrolytes (regulates nerves, muscles, heart, and brain functionality)
  • Amino Acids (Assisting in maintaining muscle tone and tissue strength)
  • 1 Liter Fluids (to re-hydrate your body for optimal disposal of toxins and to recharge your cells)

This IV therapy is offered to our patients that are looking for additional help with their current weight loss efforts. The process is virtually painless and usually takes around 20 minutes to an hour. The IV is administered by a medical professional and set in a relaxing environment. Our IV rooms are private and equipped with calming music and scents, heated blankets, and refreshments.

If you find that you are routinely exercising and eating better, but just not seeing results, this may be the catalyst that kick starts your results! Results are greatest when used in conjunction with proper diet and routine exercise.

Who is This Therapy Ideal For?

Individuals who are already using the combination of diet and exercise to achieve a weight loss goal

slim drip IV TherapyIs Slim Drip IV Right for me?

If you are planning your weight loss routine or are not seeing the results you had hoped for from your current weight loss plan, Slim Drip IV could be exactly what you need! To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call the specialists at GIOSTAR Chicago at 844 446 7827. or book an appointment online today!

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