A Prescription for Effective Patient Care

GIOSTAR Chicago firmly believes that bedside manner is a critical element of patient care. It should never be compromised, despite increased consolidation in private practice, the rise of health care technology, and other developments in the medical field.

Factors to Consider Before Pursuing Stem Cell Therapy

GIOSTAR Chicago believes that patients should be well-informed and educated before embarking on their regenerative medicine journey. Herein we outline the benefits, risks, and numerous other important factors to consider when pursuing stem cell therapy.

6 days ago
A study by Dr. Tamir Rashid and a @KingsCollegeLon / @KCLstemcells team - published in @nature - examines the potential of "stem-cell like" HHyP cells for liver tissue regeneration, a possible alternative to transplants.
#LiverDisease #Research #StemCells
1 week ago
Interesting event coming up in October in Shanghai, China: @WSCSummit, hosted by @Phacilitate and Regenerative Medicine Foundation #StemCells #Research #Conferences #Asia #China GIOSTARChicago photo
1 week ago
Promising breakthrough from OHSU in understanding bone disease: @rojasburke at @OHSUKnight reports on work by Dr Luiz Bertassoni and team that leverages stem cells to develop material that mimics human bone tissue.
#OHSUMedTech #Cancer #StemCells #Research
2 weeks ago
"Progress is made by trial and failure; the failures are generally a hundred times more numerous than the successes; yet they are usually left unchronicled." – William Ramsay #Chemistry #Innovation #Science #Research GIOSTARChicago photo
2 weeks ago
Medication and surgery are not the only options for health and wellness. @MayoClinic provides a helpful information about the benefits of meditation on overall mental health. #MentalHealth #Meditation #Yoga
2 weeks ago
Thanks to @LEAD_Coalition and @3SpiritUKNZ for this simple, yet powerful view of the symptoms of, and natural therapeutic options for, Alzheimer’s Disease #EndAlz #Alzheimers
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