Patient Experience: Tim Mahoney

Patient Experience: Tim Mahoney

Tim Mahoney is an attorney based in Freeport, Illinois. He received treatment from GIOSTAR Chicago in the summer of 2022, and spoke in depth about his experience in this video – most notably, the myriad benefits he’s enjoyed since then.

The video is available in its entirety here, as well as by specific sections below

Tim’s Story

Tim had broken his neck as a 16-year old playing football, which caused him a lifetime of manageable, but chronic pain. A recent plane ride exacerbated the problem, and pushed Tim to explore options for relief.

Active by nature, Tim refrained from extensive use of medication and surgery, instead opting for lifestyle modifications (i.e., healthy diet, exercise). As a trainer for Tony Robbins, he grew intrigued when he read the world renowned personal transformation expert’s book Life Force, which chronicles his experience with stem cells.