Radial Meniscus Tear Treatments

Radial Meniscus Tear Treatments

Here’s How to Start Healing While Avoiding Surgery

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Statistics published in Academic Emergency Medicine revealed that the most common causes of knee injuries were sports, followed closely by home accidents.

Radial meniscus tears are common knee injuries, and their consequences can be debilitating.

You may have suffered a radial meniscus tear due to playing sports aggressively, or by getting into an accident. Regardless of the cause, you can opt for alternative medical treatments to start healing. Stem cell therapy in one such technique that can help you get back on the road to recovery.


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What is a Radial Meniscus Tear?

Your knees do a lot for your body. They have the responsibility of supporting your weight, as well as providing stability and constantly lowering and raising your body. When the intricate structure of the knee is damaged in any way, it can result in a lot of pain and chronic discomfort.

Each knee contains two rubbery c-shaped discs called menisci. Menisci cushion your knees from impact, and they also balance your knees. If you tear your menisci, your knees won’t be able to work properly; this can make it hard for you to carry out basic daily tasks.

What Causes Meniscus Tears?

If you’re playing sports or lifting something heavy, you are at greater risk of suffering a radial meniscus tear. Your chances of suffering from a meniscal tear also increase as you get older.

There are different types of meniscus tears, and they can be minor, moderate or severe based on the degree of damage. A minor tear will cause pain and swelling that usually lasts a few weeks. A moderate tear may cause pain at the center of the knee, and the swelling will progressively get worse over the next few days. Severe tears are the worst, and will make the knees pop or lock and can cause sudden buckling.

Conventional Medical Treatments for Meniscus Tears

When you go to the doctor to get treatment for your meniscus tear, they will likely recommend medication or surgery to help you recover. The purpose of surgery is to sew the tear together, or in some cases to remove the torn section of the meniscus.

These techniques are invasive, and surgery poses the risk of infections, blood clots, and even further damage to your nerves and vessels. You may also experience joint stiffness after surgery and the recovery downtime can be significant.

Surgeries and medication are able to mask the symptoms and reduce the pain on a temporary basis, but they do not address the root cause of your pain and suffering. Alternative medical therapies take a more holistic approach to healing, and pose fewer risks since they are minimally invasive.

Why Choose Stem Cell Treatments for Meniscus Tears?

Since conventional medical treatments do not offer optimal results for treating meniscus tears, patients have the option of turning to alternative regenerative therapies to get the pain relief they crave.

A 2020 research study published in Cells revealed that stem cell therapy is both safe and effective for producing superior quality meniscal repairs. Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that works on repairing your body through the use of stem cells. Stem cells naturally occur in your body, and when used in stem cell therapy, they enhance the power of your body to heal.

If you’re suffering from a meniscus tear, stem cell therapy can help repair the damage in your knees so you feel relief and no longer have to suffer from the pain.

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