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How Does GIOSTAR Care for Our Patients Suffering from Arthritis?

GIOSTAR Chicago’s approach to regenerative therapy is not a one size fits all approach as seen in other local clinics offering regenerative therapies. We take pride in providing an evidence-based approach to custom tailor specific procedures in osteoarthritis care to the individual patient. The world-renowned stem cell research team of GIOSTAR supports the scientific know-how of this service. The unique approach revolves around the concept of addressing the ever-changing environment within arthritic joints. From day one of our arthritis protocol, to our long-term follow-up appointments, our goal is to optimize our patient’s care so they may achieve the highest opportunity for a successful procedure.

Inquiry and Medical Review:

Patient Consulation | GIOSTAR ChicagoYour inquiry will be routed to an educated, well-informed advocate. If you are seeking treatment, there is a three-step process to determine if you are a candidate for treatment with GIOSTAR Orthopedics:

  1. Complimentary consultation to answer any questions you may have, and provide accurate information pertaining to your needs.
  2. Completion of a medical review form to be reviewed by the GIOSTAR Chicago clinical team.  GIOSTAR Chicago will get back to you within 48 hours to determine your candidacy for therapy. If you are eligible for therapy, they will set up a phone or in-person consultation with the physician in charge of your care.
  3. Physician consultation, with the following objectives:
    1. Answer any further questions you may have
    2. Establishment of a baseline for arthritis-related symptom scores
    3. Detailed discussion and presentation regarding our protocol and the research behind it
    4. Custom tailor a protocol for the individual patient

After the Review:

After it has been determined that you are a candidate for treatment the following will occur:

  1. Protocol Administration
    1. We will begin administration of the tailored protocol with initial injection therapies
    2. The patient will be seen for a one week follow up for the second pre-injection therapy 24-48 hours, prior to the procedure
    3. Harvesting of stem cells from a predetermined source, as well as same-day stem cell administration, for non-cultured stem cells
    4. All injections and harvesting will be imaging-guided (ultrasound) for precision care and administration
  2. Follow Up: we will schedule regular follow up appointments to help track changes in arthritis-related symptom scores from an established baseline.


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