How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?


Stem cell therapy is a regenerative technique that can repair your body and ease your pain by getting to the root cause of your health complications. Stem cell therapy works by urging your body to utilize its internal healing mechanisms, so any injuries in your body start to repair themselves more effectively.


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One of the greatest benefits of opting for this alternative therapy, is how minimally invasive it is, and how lasting the results can be when the technique is conducted by experienced medical professionals.

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

A 2011 research study published by Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute determined that, contrary to popular belief, stem cells do not live forever. Led by Dr. Christa Muller-Sieburg, this study determined that stem cells regulate and stop growing to maintain balance. When stem cells are injected into the body, they can continue to self-renew for a few months to an estimated three years. After this period, they are then expelled from the body.

Though stem cells do not live forever, with stem cell therapy you can expect longer lasting results because the stem cells strengthen your body through paracrine effects. This means that stem cells can help your tissues heal faster by changing the behavior of your existing cells through the molecular process of cell signaling. This allows you to continue healing even after the stem cells are no longer active, as your own provides the solution to your pain.

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last for Knees?

Stem cell therapy works similarly when it is targeted to help the pain in your knees. Knee pain may be caused by osteoarthritis of the knees, or inflammation caused by injury. Whatever the cause, the optimal solution is to repair the root cause of the pain; and this is where stem cell therapy steps in.

Once the stem cells are targeted to your knees, they will start improving your body’s repair response. Since your own body is doing the healing, you can expect the results to be long lasting.

How Long Does It Take for Stem Cell Therapy to Work?

You will gradually start feeling the positive effects of stem cell therapy a few weeks to a few months after the first procedure. However, to achieve optimal results, you will usually have to come in for several sessions. Stem cell therapy is a regenerative technique which focuses on steadily improving and repairing damaged tissues in your body. You will typically continue to see and feel improvement with passing time, as long as you are following the instructions given to you by your doctor.

When Will Insurance Companies Cover Stem Cell Therapy?

Medicare and Medicare Advantage can provide coverage for very specific FDA approved stem cell treatments, and they may cover any additional conventional medical treatments you receive alongside your stem cell therapy. However, most insurance companies will not cover general stem cell treatments.

Even though your main stem cell therapy won’t be covered by health insurance, your health is our priority. This is why at GIOSTAR Chicago, we offer several financing options to help you pay for your stem cell therapy.

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