GIOSTAR Leader Discusses Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking had met with Mr. Deven Patel, the CEO of the San Diego-based Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR) in November 2015 to learn more about the potential application of stem cell therapy in managing ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is a neurological disease that had left the famed British physicist completely paralyzed.

Dr. Hawking was visiting San Diego to attend the private tree planting ceremony in memory of one of his oldest friends, the late San Diego philanthropist Dennis Avery. He spent more than hour with Mr. Patel in a private meeting to learn more about recent developments in the field of stem cells, specially related to ALS. He had so many questions in his mind, and was very encouraged with the progress of the stem cell science in the field of neurology. “Even after his long afternoon event,” noted Mr. Patel. “he was very attentive to my stem cell presentation,”

With the advancement of stem cell science, our range of interests at GIOSTAR is expanding every single day. While our therapeutic programs are focused exclusively on the transplantation of tissue-derived (adult) stem cells and progenitor cells for several degenerative diseases of different organs, we believe there is a utility in all types of stem cells and their progeny.

Today GIOSTAR scientists study all three types of stem cells, as well as progenitor cells:

  • tissue-derived stem cells
  • embryonic stem (ES) cells
  • induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

Impacting Regenerative Medicine on a Global Scale

Molecular biology, genetic engineering and protein chemistry are the core technologies for conducting this research. We consider all of these cell types as viable options both as cell-based therapies and as tools and technologies for drug discovery and development.

To expedite the transition from research to treatment, GIOSTAR has collaborated with the Government of India to bring its treatment for sickle cell anemia to three states in the country serving some 150 million people in the world’s largest stem cell treatment hospital setting of its kind. In 2011 GIOSTAR has also inaugurated one of the world’s first dedicated stem cell treatment hospital in Ahmedabad, India.

Other recent developments include:

Deven Patel, Drs. Gill, Sood
Deven Patel, Dr. SS Gill, and Dr. Rama Sood at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the GIOSTAR Chandigarh inauguration
  • FDA approval under compassionate use to treat COVID-19 patients 
  • Launch of a stem cell therapy centers in Chandigarh and other leading cities throughout the world
  • Process of FDA approval for clinical trials for Type 2 Diabetes and other disorders in the United States
  • Collaboration with large pharmaceutical company in China to launch clinical trials for cerebral palsy for children
  • Conditional approval for Type 2 Diabetes clinical trial in Bahamas, where nearly 15% of the population suffers from the disease
  • In-depth discussions between delegations of Ahmedabad, India and Kobe, Japan, to foster additional investment opportunities between the two “sister cities”

“With the rapid progress in the field of stem cell science,”noted GIOSTAR Chairman and Co-Founder Dr. Anand Srivastava, “we aren’t that far from the cures for many devastating diseases considered incurable today. And if we can cure great human beings like Dr. Hawking, this world certainly will be a better place to live,” he said.

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