Shelly Sood

acl tear bruising

ACL Tear Bruising: What It Means & Why It Happens

If you have recently confirmed, or suspect that you might have torn your ACL, you might be noticing another symptom – the bruising that might accompany it. We’re going to discuss ACL tear bruising a bit more in-depth and talk about what it might mean

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ankle cartilage injuries

Understanding and Treating Ankle Cartilage Injuries

Ankle injuries are all too common, often occurring during physical activities or as a result of accidents. While sprains and fractures may be more widely recognized, ankle cartilage injuries are equally significant and can lead to persistent pain and mobility issues if left untreated. In

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orthopedic surgeons in Chicago

Orthopedic Surgeons in Chicago: Considering Your Options First

There are many qualified orthopedic surgeons in Chicago, but you should first ask yourself, ‘is surgery really your best option?’. Orthopedic surgeries, while frequently essential, entail inherent risks and potential complications. The recovery process can be protracted, subjecting patients to discomfort and limitations during rehabilitation.

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