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What to Expect

Are You An Ideal Candidate?

The first step in determining if stem cell therapy can help with your condition is to contact an experienced physician that specializes in this area of medicine. Our experts at GIOSTAR are extensively trained in stem cell therapy, constantly educating themselves on current research and technologies.
After a thorough review of your condition, medications, previous surgeries, and other elements of your medical history, along with a thorough analysis of all appropriate imaging (x-ray and/or MRI's), they will help you decide whether or not stem cell therapy is the right solution for you.
An example of the "ideal candidate" for stem cell therapy varies from clinic to clinic. There is a wide variation in the types of patients we see, including athletes who have received limited benefit from invasive surgeries, and business owners who have suffered from painful nerve damage for years, and are looking to improve their mobility. Regardless of the specific condition and profile of the individual, however, our commitment to high-quality, research driven therapy is something all patients can expect.

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What Should You Expect?

Prior to the day of treatment, the clinical review team will perform an extensive review of your medical history, and walk you through the overall treatment plan, side effects, and other aspects of the process in great detail.

The entire process is a single outpatient procedure that is typically completed within three hours. We derive your stem cells from two sources:

Adipose tissue, extracted from the abdomen

Bone marrow, which is taken from the iliac crest (the largest section of the hip)

After the adipose tissue or bone marrow are extracted, and the cells are processed by our lab biologist, they are then reintroduced into the body under sterile conditions with the use of a local anesthetic. Depending on your specific treatment protocol, the GIOSTAR clinical team will use intravenous (IV) administration and / or intra-articular injection for this process. With the latter, the stem cells are directly injected into a joint or other impacted region of the body (knee, hip shoulder, etc).

Once this is complete, a bandage is placed over the area of extraction.

Following the procedure you will be taken to our "spa-like" recovery room, where you will receive oxygen and vitamin therapy, enjoy orange-infused water, a light lunch, listen to soothing music, and "unwind" in our highly comfortable chairs. We firmly believe that patients who are in a calm and relaxed state of mind will greatly improve the results they experience from stem cell therapy.

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Learn more about new developments in stem cell research that may benefit you