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Did you know that 125 million people across the world—and more than 8 million Americans—suffer from psoriasis?

If you also have psoriasis, don’t lose hope. The good news is there are some effective treatments available to help you deal with the symptoms of this bothersome skin disease.

If you are looking for a way to get to the root cause of your health complications, stem cell therapy for psoriasis may be the answer you are searching for.

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How Can Stem Cells Help with Psoriasis?

GIOSTAR has conducted extensive research demonstrating the potential benefits of stem cells in managing psoriasis. Stem cells are effective because they enhance your body’s ability to heal itself. With this minimally invasive procedure, you won’t have to worry about experiencing the complicated side effects that often come with medication, surgery, and other traditional medical interventions.

What is Psoriatic Arthritis?

If you suffer from psoriasis, and the disease has been ongoing for years, you have a higher chance of developing psoriatic arthritis. This disease occurs when your body’s immune system begins to attack healthy cells and your immune response leads to inflammation in your joints.

Joint pain and swelling on your fingertips and spine are common symptoms of this disease and just like psoriasis, postotic arthritis flares up and then goes into remission. There is also no known cure for psoriatic arthritis currently.

The good news is that once again, regenerative therapies can help you manage the pain of this inflammatory joint disease.

Options for Managing Arthritis

Receive Help For Psoriatic Arthritis At Our Clinic

A recent study published in The World Journal of Stem Cells revealed that stem cells can provide vital therapeutic value for patients who suffer with psoriatic arthritis. This trial further revealed that stem cell therapy is especially beneficial for the patients who are unable to tolerate standard medical interventions.

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Suffering with psoriasis can be debilitating, and at GIOSTAR Chicago, we strive to ensure you get the highest quality medical interventions to help you get on the road to recovery. Our team of medical experts will give you a thorough assessment and then put you on a therapy plan that works best for your personal needs.

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