Bone Marrow Aspiration in Chicago, Illinois

Bone marrow aspiration is a regenerative medicine technique used to collect bone marrow – the soft sponge-like tissue containing mature blood cells, found inside some of the bones within the body. This can often reveal the condition of your marrow, and if it is healthy and producing normal amounts of cells. We can also utilize this technique to discover and oversee any blood and marrow diseases. To do this, a needle is used to withdraw a sample of the bone marrow fluid.

What is Bone Marrow Aspiration?

Many people have the misconception that PRP therapy is the same as stem cell therapy, but this is not the case. PRP is a non-surgical injection treatment that uses the healing properties in your blood plasma to help your body recover.

PRP therapy can be combined with stem cell therapy for better results, but the two are very different treatments. For our arthritic patients we expose the stem cells to the plasma, which contains the elements that encourage growth and activate the stem cells (i.e., “growth factors”).

Conditions can sometimes be associated with ailing bone marrow. If early tests show atypical levels of white or red blood cells, your physician may order a bone marrow aspiration. It may be beneficial in the identification of a disease, along with devising a suitable treatment protocol. It can also be used to treat people going through a number of conditions including knee and hip pain, along with numerous other orthopedic disorders.

 Conditions and diseases that may require bone marrow aspiration include:

After the bone marrow is analyzed, it then goes through a process to create a bone marrow aspirate concentrate. This concentrate can be injected into the body in areas of degeneration or injury to promote healing. This can happen through a process of centrifugation to isolate cells that contain growth factors used to promote this healing.

How is Bone Marrow Aspiration Done in Chicago, Illinois?

Once your doctor has completed an initial assessment to better understand the state of your health, you will be given some anesthesia, so you remain comfortable during the process. The actual procedure in which your bone marrow is collected is simple and will not take a lot of time to carry out, and it also won’t take a lot of time to recover from either.

You will be asked to lay down and the area of interest will be marked and cleaned with an antiseptic. Once this is done, your doctor will quickly and efficiently extract the bone marrow aspirate required with a hollow needle. One sample is usually enough, but several samples may be necessary based on your health and the results of the initial procedure. Your doctor will let you know how it went and what the next steps will be.

It is important to note that your bone marrow will be sent to our lab as soon as possible to be converted into an aspirate concentrate, and this healing extract will be injected into your area of discomfort to start the healing process.

Once the procedure is completed; pressure will be applied to the area to ensure proper healing. If you took anesthesia, you will have to wait an additional 10 minutes before you can get up and start enjoying your day again. The good news is you can usually return to your regular activities right after the procedure is completed.

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Procedure Expectations & Recovery Time

To help you better prepare for the procedure, here is an outline of the steps involved in bone marrow aspiration:

Does Bone Marrow Aspiration Hurt?

The area in which the BMAC is extracted will be numbed with a local anesthetic, so you do not feel a lot of pain. If you choose not to undergo light sedation, you will feel more pain, but it will be very brief.

How Long Does Bone Marrow Aspiration Take?

The bone marrow aspiration procedure is a relatively short one and your specialized doctor at GIOSTAR will usually complete the procedure in 10 to 20 minutes. However, extra time will be required for preparation and for the care you undergo after the procedure. Other factors that affect the length of the procedure include your current health condition and whether you opt for IV sedation or not.

What is Bone Marrow Aspiration Used For?

At GIOSTAR we use the technique of bone marrow aspiration to create a bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). This BMAC is then used to help reduce the inflammation in your body and help form newer and healthier tissue, so your pain is alleviated, and you are able to recover faster.

What Conditions Can BMAC Help Treat?

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate goes through centrifugation to isolate growth factors that promote healing in your body. A recent systematic review study conducted in 2020 concluded that BMAC is rich in growth factors and cytokines, and shows promise in regenerative medicine because of its ability to improve your immune system.

BMAC can be used to:

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Benefits of Bone Marrow Aspiration

For most conditions that can be treated by bone marrow aspiration, the only other options are surgery or pain medications. Following surgery, many patients endure extended recovery times and impairments in mobility, which can greatly disrupt their quality of life. Surgery is also not always guaranteed to work and can even lead to more and/or new sources of pain.

Pain medication often serves to simply “mask” the symptoms, versus addressing the underlying condition. This approach may also have a number of side effects – including dependency on the medication. Further, for patients with chronic, recurring pain, medication can also become a very expensive option.

Bone marrow aspiration is a minimally invasive technique with very minimal downtime and few side effects. The procedure may provide quick relief for patients suffering from numerous conditions and get you back to your regular routine in a short period of time.

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