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GIOSTAR Chicago Offers Effective Alternatives to Knee Surgery

Now Offering Minimally-Invasive, Regenerative Treatments for Knee Injuries

Are you scheduled for knee surgery, or even a total knee replacement? Think twice – you have options. The team of health care professionals at GIOSTAR Chicago offers alternatives to knee surgery. Harnessing the power of regenerative medicine, our treatments introduce signaling cells to the body that encourage and strengthen the body’s natural healing mechanisms while reducing inflammation.

Though knee pain is a common concern for Americans, there are viable therapies and treatments available that can help you recover and start living a fulfilling life free of pain and discomfort again.

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Joseph's Experience with His Alternative to Knee Surgery at GIOSTAR of Chicago

Joseph was facing an ACL reconstruction to deal with his torn ACL. He chose regenerative medicine at GIOSTAR instead. This is his story:

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Our Regenerative Knee Pain Center Can Help You Get Relief

In many cases, regular doctors may jump to heavy medications and surgeries to help their patients cope with their knee pain, but there are less invasive options available. At GIOSTAR Chicago, it is our mission to provide these effective regenerative therapies to you.

Knee pains can stem from degeneration or scarring of the cartilage surrounding the joint. In order to alleviate this pain and encourage the growth of new tissue, we administer regenerative medicine to our patients. This protocol rejuvenates the joints; helping to alleviate pain, restore range of motion, and help our patients get back to a happy and active lifestyle.

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