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Hair Loss Treatment in Chicago, Illinois

Have you suddenly started losing hair? Or have you noticed your hair gradually thinning, and your hairline receding?

If your hair is thinning like the other 35 million men, and 21 million women across the world, you may feel like your confidence is also thinning with each fallen strand. Hair loss can make you feel like you’re aging too soon for comfort.

The good news is that the damage caused by hair loss is not permanent.

Through opting for reliable regenerative therapies, you can potentially reverse your hair loss and regain your youthful appearance and confidence.

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What Really Works for Hair Loss in Chicago, Illinois?

Both stem cell therapy and PRP therapy are can potentially help grow your hair back.

Research shows that stem cells can induce cell growth and stimulate the development of hair follicles through signaling and growth factors. Stem cells can even suppress cell death, possibly allowing your hair to last longer.

PRP injections also have positive effects in reversing male pattern hair loss. A research study found that there were no adverse side effects to PRP injections, so this regenerative therapy shows potential as a safe and effective treatment against hair loss.

Reversing Hair Loss with Regenerative Therapy

The earlier you start your treatment, the greater the chances of seeing success in regrowing your hair. No matter the cause of your hair loss, the correct medical interventions and lifestyle changes can have a significant impact in reversing the damage, so you have beautiful, thick hair once again.

Hair Loss Treatment in Chicago, Illinois | Giostar Chicago

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