What Does the Former President of NBCUniversal Say About GIOSTAR?

Seinfeld. Friends. ER.

Vince Manze | GIOSTAR Chicago Patient Story
Vince Manze, Former President, NBC Universal. GIOSTAR Chicago Patient.

For those of us old enough to remember life before Netflix, Hulu and Peacock, Thursday night was “Must See TV” night. A night when we gathered with family and friends around the tube to decompress, laugh, and add words such as “Yada Yada,” “Festivus,” and “double dip” to our vocabulary.

Vince Manze is the creative genius behind Must See TV. As President / Creative Director of NBCUniversal, Mr. Manze spearheaded this programming initiative, along with She Spies, Guys Next Door, and other memorable shows. During his 20-year career at NBC he received numerous accolades, including Ad Age Marketer of the Year, PROMAX Pinacle Award, Temple University Kline College Hall of Fame induction, and an Emmy Award for the Best Commercial.

Vince Manze underwent stem cell therapy at GIOSTAR Chicago in July 2019. One year later, he shared his reflections about the procedure, his experience with the GIOSTAR team, and the advantages of regenerative medicine when compared with traditional treatment modalities (i.e., surgery and medication).

About Vince Manze

Vince currently lives in Marina del Rey, California, and serves as President and CEO of InVinceable Media and Marketing. Having entered into semi-retirement recently, he’s had more time for tennis, boxing, kayaking and other physically taxing activities. Vince found that it was increasingly difficult to partake in these interests due to severe knee damage.

He had knee replacement surgery on his right knee about five years ago.

“It was such a horrible experience,” Vince shared. “Even to this day, it’s not the same, having the artificial knee in there.”

To get by, he’d resorted to myriad pain management strategies, including titanium, CBD creams, Tylenol, and Advil.

Segment 1: Reflection on Experience at GIOSTAR

The pain became extremely bothersome about a year ago, prompting him to explore alternatives. His friend, former baseball player Arnie Costell, had undergone stem cell therapy at GIOSTAR, and shared his results with him:

“I could see the difference in him [after the procedure],” Vince observed. “He’d walked hunched over, and now he was walking upright and had more energy and vitality. He was able to get back to regularly playing in baseball leagues.”

As we’ve shared, patients should “do their homework” and educate themselves about their options with regenerative medicine. In this vein, Vince did extensive due diligence, and was pleased.

“I liked the way you were set up,” he noted, “and what you were saying. [GIOSTAR Chairman and Co-Founder] Dr. Anand is just a pioneer in this field. I felt at ease from the minute I walked in.”

Vince spoke glowingly about GIOSTAR surgeon Dr. Michael Gellis, and how his bedside manner made him extremely confident about the procedure.

“The whole facility was more like a luxury spa than a hospital,” he beamed, noting how attentive and responsive the GIOSTAR team has been regarding emails, text messages, and phone calls even a year later.

Segment 2: Followup 1 Year after Treatment

Vince Manze saw immediate relief after his procedure, and was able to return to playing tennis 3 times a week – often with much younger and skilled players.

“It’s all cyclical,” he noted. “Thanks to stem cell therapy, my blood pressure is down, and I’m exercising more. This affects your attitude and your personality. You feel younger, your confidence soars, and you have more desire to do things.”

“If anyone’s thinking about this versus a knee replacement,” Vince advised, “check this out. A knee replacement is permanent; you can’t get a cortisone shot. That’s done.”

“As you get older,” he mused, “mortality creeps in and you wonder ‘what’s left?’ Well I’ve got a lot left, and stem cell therapy helps me achieve all this.”

Segment 3: Post-Procedure Recovery: Surgery vs. Stem Cells

The United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI) found that roughly 126 million Americans suffer from orthopedic disorders. Many are exploring stem cell therapy as an alternative to surgery, for many reasons. Primarily, they are averse to the prolonged post-op recovery periods.

Vince, in particular, recounted the extreme pain that he experienced after his knee replacement.

“I spent two days in the hospital,” he recounted, “was bed-ridden for two months, and had to undergo painful physical therapy.”

In contrast, there was only mild discomfort after the stem cell procedure, which was extremely quick.

Segment 4: Future Plans Regarding Stem Cells

As “no two patients are alike,” treatment regimen varies widely depending on specific indication, the severity of the disorder, and other factors. Some are able to experience relief with one procedure, while others require a series of intra-articular injections or intravenous infusions.

“I’m not sure about my exact future plans with stem cell therapy,” Vince shared.

He spoke of the intermittent shoulder pain he’s experienced as a result of playing tennis.

“It’s all about quality of life,” he shared. “It’s not about how long you live, it’s about how well you live.”

“This was a great experience for me, beyond well worth it,” Vince concluded. I’d love to say more, but I gotta go play tennis!”

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