Helen Hellyer

Helen Hellyer is the Aesthetics Practice Manager at GIOSTAR Chicago, with a career in the beauty industry spanning 25 years. To Helen, this isn’t just a job; it’s an absolute passion to help people not only look great – but feel their very best on the inside and out.

Helen is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in Human Services at the University of Columbia Missouri. A certified cosmetologist, she regularly attends beauty-focused conferences and is at the forefront of the latest beauty trends and techniques.

Helen previously served as an instructor at Naperville Skin Institute, where she continuously shared her passion for education and skin care with students. She was also a skin care specialist and waxing expert at Nordstrom for several years.  Helen has worked for several different skin care lines as a sales representative and skin care educator. 

 Helen is well versed in the aesthetics industry, and she brings an extremely high quality of services to our patients.  Leveraging extensive expert research and product knowledge, she can answer all your questions and develop an at home skin care routine.   She is also our consultant for our liposuction and cosmetic procedures.    

You’re in good hands with Helen as your beauty and health guide at GIOSTAR Chicago.